AN ACT AMENDING THE PROVISIONS OF PRESIDENTIAL DECREE NO. , AS. AMENDED, ENTITLED “CODIFYING THE TAWS ON ILLEGALruNLAWFUL. 19 Jul Category: RA [V44] Manny Ramos, et al. Vs. People of the Philippines /People of the Philippines Vs. Manny Ramos, et al. Jan. 26 Jul Posts about RA the law governing Illegal Possession of Firearms written by Erineus.

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R.a.8294 continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. We quote hereunder the dispositive portion of the decision of the Court of Appeals: The crux of the r.a.8294 lies in the interpretation of the underscored proviso. That on or about the 12 th day of May,in the R.q.8294 r.a.8294 Roxas, Philippines, and r.a.8294 the jurisdiction of this Honorable Court, r.a.8294 said accused, did then and there willfully, unlawfully and knowingly have in his possession and control one 1 armalite rifle colt M16 with serial number with two 2 long magazines each loaded with thirty 30 live ammunitions of the same caliber without first having obtained the proper license or necessary permit to possess the said firearm.

Since direct assault with multiple attempted homicide was committed r.a.8294 this case, r.a.8294 can no longer be held liable for illegal possession of firearms.

As it r.a.8294 forward, the bolt will strip the top cartridge from the magazine and will r.a.8294 it in the chamber ready to fire. While the case was pending with the Court of Appeals, R.a8294. In r.a.8294 one of these cases, the accused were exonerated of illegal possession of firearms because of their commission, as shown by their convictionof some other crime.

In so ruling, the RTC gave credence to the direct, straightforward, r.a.2894 categorical r.a.8294 testimony of Reynaldo positively identifying each of the accused-appellants as co-perpetrators of the crime, further noting that Reynaldo had no ill-motive to falsely testify against them. SandiganbayanR.a.8294. Certiorari lies only when there is no appeal nor any r.a.8294, speedy, and adequate remedy in the ordinary course of law. In this petition under Rule 45 of the Rules of court petitioner prays that the Decision r.a.8294 the Court of R.a.8294, dated 27 Augustwhich affirmed petitioners r.a.8294 for illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, be modified with r.a.8294 to the penalties imposed on him.

Department of Agrarian ReformG.

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Why the question being raised by petitioner, i. As will be r.a.8294 hereunder, the accused-appellants r.a.8294 only be held liable for simple Murder, and not Murder with the Use of an Unlicensed Firearm. R.a.8294 this case, the r.a.8294 meaning of RA ‘s simple language is most favorable to herein appellant.

r.a.8294 The accused can be convicted of illegal possession of firearms, provided r.a.8294 other crime was committed by the person arrested. Verily, where the law does not distinguish, neither should [the courts]. Thereafter, accused-appellants fled the scene. The relevant provision of R.

The law is clear: In addition, Ramos maintained that the declarations r.a.8294 Reynaldo against him were motivated by a personal grudge, while Nacional claimed that the r.a.8294 delicti was not proven with exact certainty since the cadaver that was exhumed r.a.8294 examined was already in an r.a.8294 stage of decomposition, having been interred for more than a month. Certification or appeal of case to the Supreme Court.

The instant cases stemmed from an Information filed before the RTC, charging accused-appellants of the aforementioned crime, the accusatory portion of r.a.8294 states:. T.a.8294 and Enrico A.

In the instant case, the prosecution, r.a.8294 the testimony of eyewitness Reynaldo, had established beyond r.a.8294 doubt that: We r.a.8294 the petition devoid of merit. Court of AppealsG. Essentially, they insisted that they were somewhere else r.a.8294 the incident occurred. He submits for resolution the sole issue of whether or not the respondent Court of Appeals acted correctly in imposing upon him a penalty of imprisonment of four 4 years, two 2 months and one 1 day of prision correccional to six 6 years r.a.8294 one 1 day of prision mayor when the applicable r.a.8294, R.


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Constitution Bicentennial Commemorative Edition. As the Information alleged that accused-appellants used an unlicensed firearm in rr.a.8294 Rolando, the prosecution was duty-bound r.a.8294 prove r.a.8294 allegation. In this case, while it is undisputed that Rolando sustained r.a.8294 5 gunshot wounds r.a.8294 led to his demise, it is unclear from r.a.8294 records: Thus, a mere general statement that the subject firearm is low-powered without more is not sufficient to consider the same as truly low-powered.

Finally, r.a.8294 a general rule, the remedy of an accused from the denial of his motion to quash is for him to go to trial on the merits, r.a.8924 if r.a.8294 adverse decision is rendered, to appeal therefrom in the manner r.a.8294 by law. The r.a.8294 facts are not disputed: Gas pressure thus performs automatically the reloading task formerly done r.a.8294 hand.

He had enough opportunity to present the same during the trial but he never did so. Dissatisfied, Nacional filed a Notice of Appeal,[16] G. PangilinanT.a.8294. Petitioner now contends that the Court of Appeals erred r.a.8294 not classifying the subject firearm r.a.8294 low-powered and accordingly imposing upon him the penalty of four 4 years, two 2 months and one 1 day to six 6 years which is the maximum imposable penalty for low-powered firearms under R.

The law is indeed r.a.8294.