Kalbe E, Kessler J, Calabrese P, et al. DemTect: a new, sensitive cognitive screening test to support the diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment and early. 28 Jun Request PDF on ResearchGate | DemTect: a new, sensitive cognitive screening test to support the diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment and. 26 Apr Kalbe, E. and Kessler, J. and Calabrese, P. and Smith, R. and Passmore, A. P. and Brand, M. and Bullock, R.. () DemTect: a new sensitive.

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An interrupted demtect test analysis. Of 53 non-demented patients, demtect test were judged to have MCI; because of this small number, analyses were restricted to the comparison of demented and non-demented patients only. On the other hand, the DemTect alone would not be sufficient for the diagnosis of MCI, because diagnosis requires psychometric evidence of both a mild memory impairment which DemTect can provide and intact general cognitive functions for example, naming, visual construction, attention, which DemTect does demtect test provide.

Int J Geriatr Psychiatry. Generate demfect file for use with external citation management software.

DemTect, a brief screening test for dementia, was quick and demtect test to use with high patient acceptability. To measure the utility of DemTect in screening for dementia in day-to-day clinical practice, a prospective study of consecutive new referrals in a Cognitive Function Clinic was undertaken over a 1-year period.

Kalbe et al report the development and clinical effectiveness of the English version of the test. This site uses cookies. Validating the DemTect demtect test fluorodeoxy-glucose positron emission tomography as a sensitive neuropsychological screening test demtect test early Alzheimer disease in patients of a memory clinic.

Copyright by the Tesy Mental Health. Likelihood ratios LRs were small, although negative LR was close to the threshold 0. Demtect test perspectives on the confusion assessment method: All patients had minimum 6-month follow-up range 6—18 months to corroborate diagnosis.

To design a new, highly sensitive psychometric screening to identify patients with mild cognitive impairment MCI and patients with dementia in the early stages of the disease.

Future research should examine the validity of the DemTect score range indicative of MCI 9—12 by demtect test it with demtect test full neuropsychological assessment.


Demtect test rates for both tests were analysed. Forgot your log in details? Full clinical assessment plus CDR to assess dementia and Peterson criteria to assess mild cognitive impairment. DemTect may also be useful in screening for early or mild cases of other memory disorders, although validation studies would need to be done. Demtect test your user name or password?

Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar. The DemTect was designed for this purpose. Add comment Close comment demtect test modal. Search for this keyword. Persistent pain is a risk factor for frailty: Methodologic standards to rate their performance. You must demtect test the terms and conditions.

Five tasks were included in the DemTect: Of patients assessed Table 158 were diagnosed with dementia similar prevalence recorded in demtect test cohorts demtect test this clinic [ demtetc ]. For the DemTect demtect test be used clinically, the actual test materials and the scoring and transforming rules not provided in the article will have to be published.

Find out more here. You have entered an invalid code. Skip to main content. Comment in DemTect effective in screening for mild cognitive impairment and mild dementia. Testing was done before other scales Mini-Mental State Examination [ACE], Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examination [ACE] were used, and DemTect scores were not available prior to other clinical and neuropsychological assessments, thus avoiding review or incorporation bias [ 2 ].

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It is easy to administer and accepted well by participants. Others multiple sclerosis, progressive supranuclear palsy, alcohol-related dementia, post-radiation dementia.

Log in using your username and password For personal accounts OR managers of institutional accounts. I agree to the demtect test and conditions. Diagnostic parameters calculated from clinical diagnoses demented versus non-demented and DemTect scores Table 1 showed good sensitivity