Modern Technology and People Search

There are really a lot of people that think about doing a people search because they want to find details about individuals that they hope to get in touch with again. But eventually, not all people that consider doing that actually go out of their way and do it. There are also some people that […]

Some of Good Colleges in Bangalore

There are more than 600 Educational Institutions in Bangalore (More than 300 primary – secondary and more than 300 Higher Educational). Every year some 100 thousand students land in to Bangalore from outside city to pursue Higher Education only in the field of Medical, Engineering, Management, Architecture, Law, Hotel Management and tourism, Business and Commerce, […]

Effectiveness of Distance Learning

New technologies allow us to increase access to more information, as well as giving us the potential to change the traditional role of teachers, who will be able to shift their educational interest from imparting knowledge to other aspects of the teaching/learning process and to new educational objectives. Information technologies can help with many learning […]

Educational Versus Edutainment Toys

Today’s parents feel pressured to use technology to begin their child’s education in utero. For example, the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System promises to “give your baby a headstart” by playing rhythmic patterns to help stimulate early learning. It is time, therefore, to step back and evaluate the true value of toys that incorporate technology to […]